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Impact and legacy of young people's theatre forum 2009

Project description

Our evaluation of the Arts Council’s GET IN…! forum for young people’s participatory theatre involved practitioners, policy-makers and young people. Our approach combined the rigour of logic modelling with light-touch creative approaches like pictorial dot voting and text voting, plus email and phone interviews. We tracked participants over six months, working with youth arts leaders to maintain contact. Our highly readable and visually appealing report provided a concise summary of the programme and made a series of recommendations for the future.

"On behalf of the Arts Council we would like to sincerely thank you for your input at GET IN!. This was an important, innovative and exciting event. It was a milestone in looking at how we can engage differently with young people and bring them on board.

We would both like to thank you for all the effort, time and hard work you and your team put in before and during the event. You have managed a complex and challenging piece of work with good humour, energy and commitment, and we have greatly enjoyed working with you. As you know, we want this event to feed into future practice and learning for the Arts Council."
Isobel Hawson and Sarah Lovell, the Arts Council

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