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For a host of supporting resources, including diagnostic tools, how-to videos and activities, visit our Culture3 website. Culture3 was co-produced by MB Associates and five organisations in Kent, in partnership with Kent County Council. It provides guidance to support you to develop, deliver and review projects for greater social impact.

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Additional Resources

Cover of An introduction to Social Return on Investment

SROI Booklet

Having worked with Social Return On Investment (SROI) analysis for some years, we believe we have a clear and understandable approach to helping clients work through the process with us. This is our own booklet for those new to the methodology.

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PDF 600KB | Uploaded 12/03/2023

Cover of An Introduction to Wellbeing

Wellbeing Booklet

Having specialised in wellbeing for some time, we found it useful to write this booklet on why it matters and how it’s developed. It explains some of the technical language and touches on research and policy interest.

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PDF 2MB | Uploaded 12/03/2023

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